Hail Mary

Please note that the following piece is from an earlier publication

Hail Mary
By Shayla Mars ’12

When Mommy felt the coarse rusty backhand strike her coco cheek,
She quickly believed that it was love
That forced daddy to treat her like tissue paper.
Mommy falls like dandelion seeds in summer beneath Daddy’s black leather feet.
Looking up, he seems Idol-like with big broad shoulders and a dim-effervescent
Or maybe that was the lights flickering again
Mommy had forgotten that the crumpled paper next to her read Oct 11
But Daddy must love Mommy
Love her enough to discipline her when she forgets.
Which is often
Mommy loves Daddy enough to paint the carpet a deep shade of red
That when dried looks like brown tears stains.
She thinks this is mercy.
No words pass through Mommy’s fattened lips.
Looking up
Her brown eyes now tar, try to console me.
With bruised lips she forms false hope
A smile I’ve seen too often
I stare as Daddy starts to fold her like woolen covers
Like mine her breathing is faint.
Mommy is a scared little lamb.
Daddy is her shepherd.
Daddy lays down his burden by their naked bed.
Like the bill she forgot the laundry.
I notice the crimson of the off-white mattress matching the carpet.
Daddy shuts the door.
I stand alone in my angel pajamas
Holding my rosary close to my heart
Thumbing the black beads.
Silence engulfs our dim-lit repression box.
Shh! Is that God speaking?
No, Daddy is asleep.
The lights flicker then die.
I wade in the red sea carpet
My eyes bob in shallow pools.
Through blurred vision
I see gray seeping through their door like dreams
Instinctively I walk through the golden arch that is our doorway.
Outside I stand alone in my angel pajamas
Holding my rosary close to my heart
Thumbing the black beads.
Mommy always told me Idols are for sacrifice.
Her words cling to my soul like tears to cheeks.
Our dim-lit repression box is now a luminous inferno
That no amount of earthly water can extinguish.

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Author:Black Praxis



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