By Nikkita McPherson ’13

T i g h t l y
molded    for     the
liking of them.

Melting    against     brick
Carved   cement,    yearning
for      imprints      of     roots

Trucks    enter    into    canals    of
Massaging vessels of graciousness
Being     engulfed      by       patient,
overwhelming, welcomed    power.

Your smell and your tastewill not be newtome
It is the respect that you have for who I am
The love you have for who I am not
That will make the thrusts melt into my pores and
produce gentle breaths of waterproof barriers when
you open me up even more to envelope your skin.

Evenings bring further yearning of the river of life to boil
underneath the softened barrier.
Fetishes unresolved, unrelieved.
Scornfully avoiding that lustful fluid,
Ungodly. Unworthy.
Bodies Fixated, Eyes unfocused.
Placed one beside another
Against the will of many
For the wanting of 2 of 3 of…
Time and time again.

For the acknowledgement of many.

Deathly curves that cause the meltdown of knees
Crashing into tile, into dirt, into wood.
The break down vibrates slowly, lowering under cervices
Tasteful. Fulfilling.
Gently running down chests, running down full,
edible lips.

Distastefully delicious against the holy
matrimonial meaningless exchange of

       vocal cords
Only needed in this world to vibrate
against nerves
Numbering millions making joints bend and
blood run red
Clawing from the excitement underneath hip

Breasts cupped by human ridges
Constantly gripped between white bridges.
Shock waves elevating muscle pressure into wrists.
Pressure through the stomach reverberating into the
At rates unacknowledged, but recommended only
through gold, platinum and silver held together by the
rehearsal of “love.”
Chest cavities rising
Falling into impact zones
Shaking relentlessly against calcium enriched structures
Digging deeply into unprotected zones.
For the specimen cut out
To enter into dams.
For the desires of all.

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Categories: Writer's Corner

Author:Black Praxis


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