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Pierce by Shermaine Waugh ’13 A boy named Andy pierced me first. 15 and hands shaking, pale cheeks flushed with color – he looked to me for reassurance before ever touching skin. Fingertips kissed my tummy – roamed over deep, feminine curves neither one of us were used to. I remember his whimpers… like a […]

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I’m Sorry the Clock Won

I’m Sorry the Clock Won By Angilique Coleman The seconds are racing, the minutes are chasing behind, and the hours are eternities. The clock is my father’s enemy and my annoyance because every movement of her hands means my father losing seconds, minutes, and hours with me that he can never regain…But my hopes are […]

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Are You Like Me?

Are You Like Me By Robert Esnard ’14 Are you like me? Do you like the fall? I love the word fall Because where I grew up fall fell from the heavens In colors on the trees that were cemented in a row To line the sidewalk as I would go On my walk home […]

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Beauty by Joan Leslie ’12 *click to enlarge

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Ignorance by DaVeon Smith ’15 Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance Life is a blur Just trying to find your way Throughout this blindness Layered with gray Helpful Hindrance, Lies as low Trying to fulfill my dreams In my hand is the future, I’m told If life is what you make it I’ll make it in my mold […]

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